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Grant applications under the Act on the Council of the Danish Victims Fund are prepared by the Secretariat of the Council of the Danish Victims Fund. Subsequently, the Council of the Danish Victims Fund will make a decision on the applications at a meeting.

There are at least two rounds of applications (notices) every year.


When the Council of the Danish Victims Fund receives an application (the application form is available in Danish here), the Secretariat reviews whether it includes the necessary information and supporting documentation. The applicant is responsible for forwarding all the information and the documentation mentioned in the application form to the Council of the Danish Victims Fund before the deadline for applications, and for ensuring the correctness and adequacy of the information and documentation. If additional information is required for the consideration of an application, the Secretariat will contact the applicant.

If an application does not meet the formal requirements specified in the notice, it will be rejected. If it is evident that an application will have no chance of a favourable response, it will be rejected. The rejection will be communicated to the applicant as soon as possible after the deadline for applications.

If an applicant applies for a grant to a research project, the Secretariat will forward the application – after the deadline for applications – to DIF, InnovationsFond - Denmark (Danmarks Innovationsfond), for a research-based review of the project. DIF will determine whether the project is worthy of support or not. If DIF determines that the research project is not worthy of support, the applicant will be given the opportunity to comment on the review of DIF before the Council of the Danish Victims Fund makes its decision.

Subsequently, when the application is ready for a decision, the Secretariat will submit the application and documentation to the Council of the Danish Victims Fund for its decision.


The decisions of the Council of the Danish Victims Fund are made by oral deliberation at a meeting of the Council held in connection with each round of applications. At least two meetings are held each year. The dates of the meetings can be found at the website of the Victims Fund (information in Danish). Meetings are not open to the public.

The Council decides whether an application will be met in part or in full. The Council may decide that no grant will be awarded or that only a reduced amount will be awarded towards one or more items of the budget, for example if an item is considered to be too high.

The Council makes its decisions based on the criteria stipulated in the relevant notice. A decision to reject an application in full or in part will be motivated by the Council. It is not possible to make a complaint against the Council’s decision.

The Secretariat will forward the Council’s decision to the relevant applicant within two weeks of the meeting of the Council. An applicant who receives a rejection has the opportunity to reapply in a later round of applications. All applicants will receive an answer to their applications. 

Payment of grants

When the Council has decided to subsidise a project/activity, the Secretariat will send a grant commitment to the applicant.

The commitment will stipulate the terms of the grant. In general, all grants under the Act on the Council of the Danish Victims Fund (in Danish) must meet the Standard Terms of the Council of the Danish Victims Fund (Rådet for Offerfondens standardvilkår), which are available on the website of the Victims Fund. Any further terms and conditions will be specified in the grant commitment.

In addition, the grant commitment may state conditions for being eligible for part payments of the grant.

When the applicant has received the grant commitment, the applicant must accept the terms and the conditions (of payment) within two weeks. The applicant accepts the commitment by returning the enclosed Acceptance of Grant to the Council of the Danish Victims Fund.  The Acceptance of Grant must be signed by the applicant.

The grant may be paid as a lump sum or in instalments. It applies to all grants, however, that the last 20% of the grant amount will not be paid until the Council of the Danish Victims Fund has received and approved the final accounts and the final report and possibly also an audit report of the project/activity.

The individual part payments will be made upon a specific request from the applicant. However, an applicant can only request four part payments per year (including the final payment).  It is a condition for payment that documentation is submitted during the project/activity period in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant commitment to ensure that the grant will be spent in the best way possible and for the purpose stated. The Secretariat will make the individual part payments to the account number stated by the applicant in the Acceptance of Grant. A part payment will be made as soon as possible after the Secretariat has received a request for payment and the documentation required.

No advance payment will be made. This means – in relation to the earliest possible date of payment – that, as far as possible, payment will be made when an expense has  accrued or at the average time of accrual to ensure that there are no material delay between the two points of time.  

Supervision of grants

The Secretariat supervises that recipients (applicants) use the grant in accordance with the purpose stated in their applications and that the terms and conditions of the grants are complied with. In this connection, the Secretariat may ask an applicant at any time to provide further information and documentation of the project/activity.  The Council of the Danish Victims Fund makes decisions regarding supervision.

Announcement of subsidies

About four weeks after any meeting of the Council, it will be announced on the website of the Victims Fund which of the projects/activities that have been awarded grants. The announcement will list the names of the recipients, the geographical scope of the projects/activities, the titles of the projects/activities and the size of the grant amounts.

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